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What is no-code development?

The method of creating products without code with tools such as Bubble, Webflow, Adalo, FlutterFlow, Wix, Zapier, Make, n8n and others. This practice allows you to quickly develop and test ideas. Afterwards, a decision is made whether it is necessary to switch to traditional development and whether it is needed at all. This approach allows you to quickly launch products on the market, minimizing costs for those that do not find demand.

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In what cases I should use no-code solutions, and in what cases I should not?

Each project should be considered individually.
In terms of complexity, no-code development is suitable for creating almost any type of service, including marketplaces, social networks, and AI-based solutions.
From a technical point, there are sometimes security requirements that may not be met by no-code development. In some cases, these aspects might be set aside, for example, when conducting preliminary hypothesis testing before launching extensive and expensive development.
If you have any doubts, please reach out to us, and we will help figure out if no-code is suitable for your project.

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What machine learning models do you work with?

We begin by analyzing the needs of your business and then select and customize a machine learning model to suit your specific needs. We work with models such as those from OpenAI, Gemini, Anthropic, Falcon, as well as other models available on Hugging Face. Write to us, and we will help choose the best model for your project.

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Are you developing solutions without AI integration?

Yes. Our main focus is on AI, but it is not a requirement. We can develop services without AI integration, let's discuss your project.

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Can I contact you to create an application that works with sensitive data?

Yes, we can design the app to meet your privacy expectations and ensure that no one, including us, has access to your data.

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We already have a product developed using traditional methods of development. Can I contact you?

Most often, yes, we can integrate via API. We need to consider each project individually, let's discuss it.

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Will AI replace humans?

No, artificial intelligence will not replace people. It helps improve efficiency, reduce the routine burden on each person, but human intervention is still required to control the quality of work.

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Can AI make a mistake?

Artificial intelligence cannot be completely error-free. We guarantee high standards by selecting the optimal models and carefully customizing them. At the same time, we always indicate where the model error is possible, which helps to use artificial intelligence as efficiently as possible.